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Planning Your Visit

Roll Play is Madison's most awesome board game cafe! Our mission is to build and support a social community of board gamers and food enthusiasts. Our customers enjoy a welcoming "eat & play" experience.

When you visit us, there is a $5/party cover charge that gives you access to our game library. Our game library is continuously expanding and currently we have more than 250 games.

The cover gives you access to:

  • All our games (excluding legacy games), including classics (Chess, Scrabble, Monopoly), Party Games (Codenames, Werewolf, Secret Hitler, Exploding Kittens), Euro Games (Settlers of Catan, 7 Wonders, Ticket to Ride), Card Games (Boss Monster, Bang!, Munchkin), Adventure Games (Arkham Horror, Mysterium) and selected international games (Legend of the Three Kingdoms). See the full list here!

  • Unlimited play time! Unlimited game plays!

  • Certain store events and theme nights​.


We have Game Masters who can help find the right game for you depending on:

  • Your level of experience

  • Your party size

  • Your favorite games

  • Your available time


The Game Masters can also help with setting up the game and/or help explaining the rules. 


While you’re gaming, we invite you to also try out some of the great food and drink options from our menu. Our menu is street food inspired and changes on a regular basis.

Not interested in board games? We also offer takeout/delivery, so come visit us!

Questions? Feel free to ask our team members or contact us via phone: 6088196268 email:

We have moved to Garver Feed Mill! To view our menu and calendar of events, or to order takeout/delivery, please click here.

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